حمص حب البيروتي طحينيه لبن ثوم ملح
Al Bayrouty Chick Peas Tahini


Garlic Salt
صنوبر بقدونس خبز سمنه سماق بلدي البيروتي
Pine Parsley Bread Butter Ghee Al Bayrouty Sumac
    شطه حمرا البيروتي    
    Al Bayrouty Chili    


How to Prepare:


  1. Add Salt to Garlic & smash them together then add it to Tahini & Yogurt till it’s well mixed.
  2. Empty Al Bayrouty Chickpeas in a bowl with two cup of water & boil them.
  3. Slice the bread to small pieces & mix it with the boiled Al Bayrouty Chickpeas till the bread absorbs the water.
  4. Mix half of the Yogurt & Tahini mix to the bread.
  5. Spread the other half of the mix all above.
  6. Spread the fried pine with the Parsley & Al Bayrouty Chili

Enjoy Al Bayrouty Syrian Fatah